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SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville Wins Northshore's Best Emergency Restoration Service Provider

4/1/2021 (Permalink)

blue and yellow logo for Northshore's Best 2020 winner SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville wins best Restoration service provider in Sophisticated Woman's Magazine

Since 2006, Sophisticated Woman Magazine has asked readers to vote for Northshore’s best businesses in certain categories to support local community entrepreneurs and business owners. The categories include Restaurants, Arts & Entertainment, People, Shopping, Services, Sports & Leisure, and Nightlife. Each category is also broken down geographically to specify East St. Tammany Parish, West St. Tammany Parish, Tangipahoa Parish, and Washington Parish.

This year was the first year “Restoration” was added to the service category list. We are proud to announce that SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville was voted the best Restoration service provider in West St. Tammany Parish. We thank all our friends, customers, and local business owners who voted for us. We are proud to be a part of this community. Our mission is to be your trusted partner before, during, and after an emergency. From helping local business owners better prepare for storms to responding 24/7/365 to water damage claims, our team is happy to be here when you need us the most. Thank you for your support!

St. Tammany Parish Awarded Ten Million Dollars in Flood Risk Reduction Projects

3/29/2021 (Permalink)

Flooding due to heavy rain or hurricanes has become a more frequent problem for residents and business owners throughout St. Tammany Parish. In the past few years, pockets within the cities of Covington, Mandeville, Madisonville, Bedico, and Abita Springs have experienced unforeseen flooding. These areas were not particularly at risk ten or even five years ago.

On Friday, March 26th, St. Tammany Parish Government announced the Louisiana Watershed Initiative has awarded St. Tammany Parish ten million dollars in Community Development Block Grant Mitigation for nonstructural projects. The state’s Community Development Block Grant Mitigation Action Plan will focus on natural flood management, flood control, and critical infrastructure projects.

This news brings hope to many after the unusual flooding incidents that are becoming all too common.

To learn more about your property's risk factor visit

Hidden Water Damage Can Cause Mold Growth

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

corner of white wall with baseboard removed revealing mold growth Trapped water can cause mold to grow in as little as 48 hours

When a water damage event like a broken water pipe or an exploding water heater occurs, water will flow into many areas that are hard to see. You may think you have cleaned up all the loose water, but only a professional water mitigation team is trained to detect where water may be hiding. For example, water will usually flow underneath baseboards and wick up the drywall. This can cause serious mold growth issues because the water is trapped, and the drywall will not be able to dry properly. During our initial investigation process, our water damage restoration technicians will remove baseboards to extract water behind them and allow the materials to dry. As pictured above, water was hiding behind this baseboard. The trapped water allowed mold to grow in a very short period. In the right conditions, mold can begin to grow in as little as 48 hours. Thus, it is best to contact a professional restoration company when a water damage event occurs in your home or business. Our water damage restoration team here at SERVPRO of Greater Covington and is highly trained and experienced in detecting hidden water to prevent future damages. Also, our emergency response team is here to help 24/7. For more information about water damage cleanup, please contact our office by dialing 985-871-5375.

How to Prepare for the 2021 Hurricane Season

3/11/2021 (Permalink)

graphic map of southeast states with hurricane in gulf of mexico with text overlay how to prepare for hurricane season Start preparing now for the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season begins on June 1st. Preparing for a storm well in advance will help protect your home and family. Now is the time to assess your risks, make your hurricane plan, and practice your plan with your family. Follow our tips below to get started.

Inspect Your Property for Existing Damages and Make Necessary Repairs

You should fully inspect your home twice a year, once before Hurricane Season and once before winter. Three main areas to check for weaknesses are your roof, caulking around windows, and whether your gutters are properly draining water away from your home. Make all necessary repairs before storm season begins.

Discover Your Flood Risk and Purchase Flood Insurance

Just one inch of floodwater can cost up to$25,000 in restoration costs. Visit to discover the flood risk for your home, neighborhood, and city. Speak with your insurance agent about your options.

Make an Emergency Kit

Your home emergency kit should have enough food and water for 3 days per person, extra batteries, a cell phone charger, backup phone battery, blankets, extra clothes, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and trash bags. 

Secure Important Documents

Make sure you have copies of important documents like your insurance policy, mortgage, car registration, birth certificates, and financial documents saved online. Keep original copies in your emergency kit and take them with you if you need to evacuate.   

Create an Emergency Plan     

Create an emergency plan with your household. Discuss your evacuation plans. Plan where and with whom your household would stay if you need to evacuate. 

If your home does incur hurricane or flood damages, then please do not enter until it is safe to do so. Floodwater is contaminated and can pose health risks. 

SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville specializes in flood damage restoration. Our emergency water restoration team is here to help whether your home incurs one inch of floodwater or four feet of floodwater. Our team will remove all damaged structural materials contaminated by the floodwaters. We will clean the remaining structure and apply an anti-microbial agent to prevent further damages. Then, we will utilize our professional drying and dehumidification equipment to properly dry your home. 

SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville Celebrates International Women's Day by Recognizing Female Leadership Team

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

five women in SERVPRO shirts standing in front of office building SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville Female Leadership Team

On International Women's Day, we recognize the ladies who lead at SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville. This group of smart, enterprising women collectively boasts over 4 0 Y E A R S of experience in the restoration industry! They work tirelessly to help our customers and support our company's mission each and every day. We are fortunate to have such a stellar team leading our crew. 

From left to right: 

Laura Zelek- Fire Restoration Project Manager

  • Joined our team in November of 2016
  • IICRC certified - fire damage restoration
  • IICRC certified - water damage restoration

Kayla Theriot- Marketing and Sales Manager

  • Joined our team in January of 2017
  • IICRC certified - water damage restoration 

Courtney Callihan- Administrative Manager

  • Joined our team in February of 2017
  • IICRC certified - water damage restoration

Stephanie Lachney- Office Manager 

  • Joined our team in March of 2011
  • IICRC certified - water damage restoration 
  • Biohazard and crime scene cleanup certified

Jami Hufker-Delvalle- Biohazard Cleaning/Mold Remediation Manager 

  • Joined our team in February of 2020
  • IICRC certified - water damage restoration
  • IICRC certified - mold remediation

Common Water Damages Caused by Commercial Fire Suppression Systems

3/3/2021 (Permalink)

flooded room in funeral home room  with carpet Fire Suppression System Malfunction Caused This Water Damage at a Covington Commercial Property

Most commercial and multi-family housing properties have a “wet pipe” fire suppression system. This type of system activates when a fire occurs or when extreme temperatures over 155 degrees heat sprinkler heads. Water is then released to quickly suppress the source. Each sprinkler head is individually activated on a needs basis to minimize water damages. However, just one sprinkler can release 8-24 gallons of water per minute. Our restoration team often encounters the following three water damage events caused by fire suppression systems.

Water Damages Caused by Fire Suppression

Often, the fire itself causes less damage than the water used to extinguish the fire. Residential fires are most often doused only by firefighter hoses. Fires at commercial properties are usually extinguished by both the fire suppression system and water utilized by firefighters. This can result in thousands of gallons of water inside the commercial building.

Water Damages Caused by Fire Sprinkler Malfunction

While this is a less common incident, our team has helped several commercial clients after their fire suppression systems accidentally initiated. For one example, a commercial property in Covington was newly built, but the fire suppression system was not calibrated for the correct heat resistance. On a particularly scorching hot summer day, the fire sprinkler system was accidentally activated and leaked thousands of gallons of water into over 4,400 square feet of the building.

Water Damages Caused by Frozen Fire Suppression System

Many commercial buildings in South Louisiana are not constructed to endure below freezing temperatures. Every couple of years, an awful winter storm will bring extremely low temperatures to our area. These dramatically low temperatures will cause water supply pipes and fire suppression systems to freeze. Sometimes the pipes will safely defrost in a day or two, but other times they will expand so much that they burst.

The above disasters can be mitigated by properly maintaining commercial fire suppression systems and knowing how to turn off the system when an incident does occur.

No matter the reason why a fire suppression system has caused water damages, our emergency restoration team is here to help 24/7/365. With our professional extraction equipment, our water damage restoration team will quickly extract all loose water. Then, we will utilize our drying and dehumidification equipment to return the property back to preloss condition. In a matter of days, our water damage restoration team can make any size disaster seem “Like it never even happened.”

Edge of the Lake Magazine Readers' Choice Award - Best Emergency Restoration Service Provider 2021

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

front door with edge of the lake readers' choice award stickers from 2020 and 2021 SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville wins Edge of the Lake Magazine's Readers' Choice award for Best Restoration Service Provider for 2nd year

You did it! For the second year in a row, SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville has won Edge of the Lake magazine's Readers' Choice award for Best Emergency Restoration service provider in West St. Tammany Parish. 2020 was a wild year for all of us and SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville has remained open 24/7/365 to help our community when you needed us the most. From starting a new cleaning program, CERTIFIED: SERVPRO Cleaned, to responding to the everyday disaster like water and fire damage restoration, our crew worked non-stop to be your heroes. Thank you for choosing SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville! 

To learn more about our emergency restoration services or to schedule an appointment, call our office by dialing 985- 871- 5375. 

Storm Damage Restoration- SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville Helps Gulf Shores, Alabama Residents Recover After Hurricane Sally

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

condos on beach with blue tarp covering roof damages SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville Helps Gulf Shores, Alabama Condo Owners Restore Properties Following Hurricane Sally

Hurricane Sally made landfall near Gulf Shores, Alabama on September 16, 2020, as a Category 2 hurricane with maximum winds of 105 mph. While residents throughout the entire Gulf Coast region were affected, the coastal area between Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida suffered the most damages. For weeks, many residents and business owners in this area were without power and seeking relief assistance. Our storm damage restoration team was contacted by a group of Gulf Shores beachfront condominium owners about two weeks after the storm. On September 27th, our team packed up and headed to Gulf Shores where they lived and worked for the next month.

Our storm damage restoration team spent the first-weekend assessing damages in each of the thirty-eight condos, organizing logistics, and devising a game plan to make it “Like it never even happened.” Most of the condos incurred similar water and roof damages, but some were more significantly impacted, requiring substantial demo work. Our crew began work on the most disastrous condos first to prevent further issues and worked their way to the least affected units. Some condominiums required multiple rooms to be left with bare studs and subfloor. After removing all structural materials deemed unsalvageable including drywall, insulation, and flooring, our team utilized drying equipment to stabilize the environment and dry the remaining structure.

On October 27th, our team completed the project and headed home, just in time to beat the incoming Tropical Storm Zeta. The condo owners were extremely pleased with our team’s work and thankful for our accommodations during such a difficult time. And our team was honored to be their heroes. From leaking dishwashers to category 2 hurricanes, SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville is here to help make any size disaster seem “Like it never even happened.”

Home Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

12/3/2020 (Permalink)

Thankfully, we are now officially finished with hurricane season. However, this time of year is almost just as busy for the insurance claims industry. While holiday decorations brighten our spirits, they are often the culprit of many home fires. Frozen temperatures lead to bursting water pipes. And not preparing your home before leaving for a holiday vacation sometimes makes for an unpleasant return.

SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville is here to help you before, during, and after a disaster occurs. Follow the home safety tips below to best prevent accidents and to be prepared in case one does happen. 

  1. Use flameless or fire-retardant decorations
  2. Blow out candles when exiting a room
  3. Never leave food cooking on the stove unattended
  4. Check Christmas lights for frays or hazards 
  5. Water your Christmas tree frequently 
  6. Test the batteries in your smoke alarm each month and change the batteries if necessary 
  7. Clean leaves and debris from gutters and drain sprouts to ensure proper drainage
  8. Only plug space heaters into wall outlets. DO NOT plug space heaters into surge protectors 
  9. Turn your home's main water supply off and drain the lines when planning to vacation for more than a couple of days.  
  10. Clean the lint from your dryer hose
  11. Practice your home fire escape plan with your family

If a water or fire event does occur at your home, our emergency restoration team can be reached 24/7/365 by dialing 985-871-5375. For water damage mishaps, please locate the source of the loss first and shut it off. You may need to contact a local plumber for assistance. For responding to a home fire, please do not reenter your home until it is safe to do so. Our fire restoration team can help walk you through the claims process and make any size disaster seem "Like it never even happened."

For more home safety tips or to learn how to prepare your business for an emergency, send an email to

Is Your Business Ready?

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

Row of green SERVPRO trucks Is Your Business Ready?

Is your Business Ready?

A disastrous event can be detrimental to your brand and can put your property and customers at risk. Disasters, emergencies, and crises can happen anywhere and at any time. Business owners need to prepare for the impact of all potential hazards including hurricanes, fires, floods, mold growth, and other perils.

How quickly your company can get back to business after a disaster happens depends on emergency planning done prior to the incident. According to the latest industry research, it is estimated that 50% of businesses may never recover following a disaster. This is mostly due to improper emergency planning. Preparing and pre-planning will give you an ease of mind knowing when a disaster happens you and your team are properly prepared to mitigate damages.

Here at SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville, we offer all local businesses our emergency planning services at no cost. Our disaster response experts work with business owners and risk managers to create detailed SERVPRO Emergency READY Profiles for each of their properties. By developing a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile for your business you will be able to mitigate damages in a timely manner, saving you money when disasters happen. Timely mitigation minimizes the effect of damage, allowing your business to be restored sooner, lessening business interruption and loss of use.

Emergency READY Profile Advantages

No cost assessment of your facility

One benefit of creating a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile is that it is of no-charge. When you request an ERP, one of our risk assessment experts will identify main utility shut-off valves for your building including the water, gas, and electrical shut-offs. They will also work with you to document all critical information needed after a disaster like emergency contact information, chain of command reporting, and nearby resources. Our time and disaster response expertise are complimentary for all local businesses because we believe in helping our community remain resilient throughout any size disaster.

Profile document that contains critical information needed in the event of an emergency.

By organizing all critical information into one Emergency READY Profile, you and your employees will know exactly who to call and how to respond most efficiently. Creating an ERP with one of our disaster response experts will take less than one hour to complete!

Saves time during initial damage assessment.

By working with SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville to manage your risk, you can rest assured knowing our team is only one call away should you need our services. Our team will be familiar with your property and your unique challenges in the event of a disaster, allowing us to respond quickly and address all of your concerns immediately.

Identifies the line of command for authorizing work to begin.

The sooner mitigation work begins, the less likely secondary damages may occur, saving you time and money. When creating a profile with our team, you will decide a clear line of command for responding to emergencies. This will be shared with your team so that everyone understands how to appropriately alert others of an incident and to speed up the response efforts.

Contact SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville to get your Business Ready

SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville is well-versed in disaster recovery and mitigation. Our highly trained and knowledgeable team is always ready to make any loss seem “Like it never even happened.” 24/7/365. Call us today to schedule an appointment to create an Emergency Ready Profile for your business.