Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Removing Soot Damage With a Sodablaster

Oftentimes fires can cause significant soot damage to hard to clean surfaces, like concrete, brick, stone, or ceramic. Sodablasting is one method we can use to remove soot damage from said surfaces. Sodablasting is a mild, but abrasive form of cleaning which utilizes sodium bicarbonate particles and compressed air to clean. It is similar to sandblasting, but it is much more gentle to the building structure. 

remains of bed after it caught on fire

Fire Damage Restoration in Abita Springs, Louisiana

This was the aftermath of a residential fire in Abita Springs, Louisiana. There was significant fire and soot damage. Our fire damage restoration technicians were able to remove all affected materials and ready the home for reconstruction services within a few weeks. 

Fire damage in Mandeville home

This was the aftermath of an electrical fire at a home in Mandeville, Louisiana. Several areas of the home incurred fire and soot damage. Our fire damage restoration technicians worked hard to make it seem "Like it never even happened."

Kitchen fire in Tickfaw, Louisiana

This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Tickfaw, Louisiana. There was significant damage in multiple rooms of the home. Our fire damage restoration technicians helped remove all non-salvageable fire damaged materials and cleaned all soot damaged materials. The home owner was happily surprised at how quickly we were able to clean their home and make it "Like it never even happened". 

Fire Damage Restoration

This is a photo of results form one of our initial soot test after a home fire. As you can see each room had a layer of soot on the walls. Sometimes, you may not notice the soot at first after a fire. However, if left uncleaned the soot can begin to damage the structure of your home and your contents.

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Fire Damage Restoration

Pictured here is the source of a home kitchen fire. The homeowner turned the oven on self cleaner mode and accidentally forget about the pots and pans inside. Their old cast iron pot caught on fire. The fire department was able to break open the oven and suppress the flames. Thankfully, the fire was contained in the oven. However, soot traveled throughout the home. We were able to cleanup all soot damage within a week. 

Fire Damage Restoration in Amite, Louisiana

This is an example of how much damage a small kitchen grease fire can cause. Our team worked hard to remove all fire, smoke, and soot damage from this home in Amite. 

Fire Damage Restoration

Unattended cooking led to a grease fire in an Amite home earlier this year. We were able to cleanup the fire damage in two rooms, but the kitchen needed to more extensive restoration work.