Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water damaged hallway with wood flooring removed

Leaking Air Conditioner Unit Causes Water Damage to Abita Springs Home

A leaking air conditioner caused water damage to this Abita Springs home on Tuesday, September 1st. When our technicians arrived on site, they found six affected rooms. The ceiling in the hallway, bathroom, and closet were damaged along with the wood flooring and sheetrock in the living room.

Our water damage restoration experts successfully set up the proper equipment to begin the drying process. The wood flooring in the living room and hallway was removed due to large amounts of water soaking through. Our customer was thrilled with the work our team completed and how knowledgeable they were.

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Moisture meter being held to the flooring to detect trapped water

Utilizing Moisture Meters During the Drying Process

A moisture meter is a tool used during the water damage restoration process. After the drying equipment has been strategically placed, our water damage restoration technicians will return to the property every day to conduct moisture checks and monitor the drying process until it is complete. Most water jobs are complete in three days. However, depending on the severity of water damage, the drying process can take five or more days. 

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living room with ceiling partially collapsed and water damage stains on ceiling

Leaking Toilet Causes Significant Water Damage in Mandeville Home

One common cause of water damage in a home is a leaking toilet, including toilet overflow from a sewage backup and leaking water lines. This photo was taken at a home in Mandeville last week. A plumbing issue resulted in an upstairs toilet overflowing all day, causing the living room ceiling to collapse. Our water damage restoration technicians were onsite assessing damages within one hour of notification of the issue. The first night our technicians worked until 10:00 pm removing contaminated materials like drywall and unsalvageable carpeting. Before leaving, the crew strategically placed drying equipment and dehumidifiers to begin the drying process. Within four days, the home was dry and ready for rebuild services. SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville is here to help restore homes and businesses in our community 24/7/356.

green fan with plastic cylinder taped to ceiling of living room with hole exposed

Drying Process-Stabilizing the Environment

Professional water restoration consists of water extraction and proper drying techniques. During the drying process, our water damage restoration technicians contain and stabilize the affected area by utilizing dehumidifiers and plastic containment materials. This allows our team to most efficiently dry the wet materials, in a timely, cost-effective manner. 

hand wearing glove using moisture probe to check moisture level of wood flooring

Moisture Check on Wood Floors

The first step in the water damage restoration process is to assess the extent of damages. To do so, our water damage restoration technicians will use moisture reading equipment like the moisture meter pictured here to determine how wet walls, sheetrock, and flooring are compared to other areas of the property that were unaffected. Pin-type moisture meters work by measuring how easily electricity flows between the two electrodes placed inside the material. The more wet the material is, the more easily electricity will flow, reading a higher ohm percentage. Each day during the drying process, a water damage restoration technician will do a moisture check to monitor progress. Usually within three days the drying process is complete. 

water staining on white ceiling

Water Damage on Ceiling in Carriere,MS Home

Broken water heaters are amongst the most common causes of water damage in homes. And they make a massive mess, rapidly spewing gallons of water. In this photo, you can see water stains on the ceiling. Shortly after this photo was taken, the damaged ceiling fell, releasing water into the living room. Our water damage restoration technicians quickly extracted the water and began the drying process. 

Our emergency water damage restoration team is available 24/7/365. For assistance please dial 985-871-5375.

plastic sheet covering staircase with green fans in living room

Step 4 of the Water Damage Restoration Process: Drying and Dehumification

Proper water damage restoration is a six-step process. Step 1 is calling our office to request help. Step 2 is assessing the damages. Step 3 is removing water with our professional extraction equipment. Step 4 is drying the affected area. In this photo, our water damage restoration technicians have set up a plastic barrier to section off the unaffected upstairs area to quickly dry the downstairs living room that was affected. With proper containment and strategically placed fans and dehumidifiers, the home was back to preloss condition in three days. 

Contact our office today for emergency water damage restoration. Our office number is 985-871-5375.

green fan in patient room of doctor's office

Cleaning Water Damage at Northshore Doctor's Office

Our water damage restoration technicians are IICRC certified and have experience restoring various types of properties following water damage disasters. From doctor's offices to apartment complexes, our team is ready to respond and make any size disaster seem "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO water restoration technician standing on water extraction equipment in office room

SERVPRO Water Extraction Equipment for Commercial Properties

Pictured here is one of our water damage restoration technicians extracting a significant amount of water from an office room. The water heater at this local company exploded on a Sunday night and left a huge mess for employees to find early Monday morning. Upon arriving on the scene, we noticed water still dripping from the ceiling and in some rooms the ceiling had collapsed. Our team worked quickly to remove as much water as possible so that reconstruction could begin promptly. 

For assistance with commercial water damage cleanup, contact our office by dialing 985-871-5375.

green fan with plastic taped around it and taped to wood floors

Power Drying Wood Flooring to Remove Excess Water

At SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville, we believe in restoring rather than replacing as much as possible after a disaster has affected a home or business. This photo was taken at a home in Covington after a broken pipe leaked water into multiple rooms. Instead of removing the wood flooring that had started to buckle from absorbing a good amount of water, we extracted all of the water and used a method called "power drying" to dry the wood. In just a few days the wood flooring was free of moisture and had returned to its original position. 

For assistance with water damage cleanup, contact our office by dialing 985-871-5375.

red clay on tile floor and bottom of toilet

Broken Pipe in Foundation of Covington Home Causes Flooding with Red Clay

Upon arriving home from vacation, a Covington homeowner noticed water flowing from underneath their front door. At some point while they were away, a water pipe in the foundation of the home burst, causing water with clay fragments to overflow from one of the toilets. In less than a week, our water damage restoration crew extracted all excess water, cleaned affected materials, and properly dried the home. 

For assistance with water damage cleanup, contact our office by dialing 985-871-5375.

fan facing up toward bathroom ceiling with plastic over tub

Punctured Water Supply Line Causes Damage

This photo was taken at a home in Covington, Louisiana. The homeowner was having their roof repaired when the roofer accidentally drilled into a water supply line, causing water damages to parts of the upstairs and downstairs living areas. Our water damage restoration technicians were able to extract all excess water and dry the affected areas in just a few days. 

For assistance with water damages, contact our office by dialing 985-871-5375.

mats and hoses on top of wood flooring with window facing green backyard

Power Drying for Water Damage Restoration in New Orleans Home

During the restoration process, our water damage team works to salvage as much as possible to save time and money for our customers. Wood flooring will swell and buckle when saturated with water. If discovered quickly, then the floors may be saved by using an Injectidry floor drying system to power dry. 

For assistance with water damage restoration, contact our office by dialing 985-871-5375.

woman in black long sleeve shirt and khaki pants extracting water from a red rug in a kitchen

Broken Dishwasher Causes Water Damage in Abita Springs Home

Broken appliances, such as leaking dishwashers, washing machines, and refrigerators, are common causes for water damage events. A broken dishwasher in this home located in Abita Springs, Louisiana caused gallons of water to spew into multiple rooms over night. Our water damage restoration team cleaned up all loose water and utilized fans and dehumidifiers to dry the affected materials. 

For assistance with water damage cleanup and restoration, contact our office by dialing 985-871-5375. 

woman in black shirt and khaki pants extracting water in kitchen full of stainless steal appliances and hanging pots

Water Damage Cleanup in Boat Docked in Madisonville, Louisiana

Water damage events can occur in any type of property with plumbing. After the toilets backed up on this yacht, sewage water flooded both stories on the boat. In a matter of days, our water damage restoration team dried, cleaned, and sanitized the yacht. 

For assistance with water damage restoration, contact our office by dialing 985-871-5375.