Water Damage Photo Gallery

SERVPRO water restoration technician standing on water extraction equipment in office room

SERVPRO Water Extraction Equipment for Commercial Properties

Pictured here is one of our water damage restoration technicians extracting a significant amount of water from an office room. The water heater at this local company exploded on a Sunday night and left a huge mess for employees to find early Monday morning. Upon arriving on the scene, we noticed water still dripping from the ceiling and in some rooms the ceiling had collapsed. Our team worked quickly to remove as much water as possible so that reconstruction could begin promptly. 

Power Drying Wood Flooring

At SERVPRO of Greater Covington and Mandeville, we believe in restoring rather than replacing as much as possible after a disaster has affected a home or business. This photo was taken at a home in Covington after a broken pipe leaked water into multiple rooms. Instead of removing the wood flooring that had started to buckle from absorbing a good amount of water, we extracted all of the water and used a method called "power drying" to properly dry the wood. In just a few days the wood flooring was free of moisture and had returned to its original position. 

Pipe in Home's Foundation Breaks and Causes Water Damage

Upon arriving home from vacation, a Covington homeowner noticed water flowing from underneath their front door. At some point while they were away a pipe in the home's foundation burst, causing water with clay fragments to overflow from one of the toilets. In less than a week, we worked to remove all excess water, clean all affected materials, and we properly dried the affected areas. 

Punctured Water Supply Line Causes Damage

This photo was taken at a home in Covington, Louisiana. The homeowner was having their roof repaired when the roofer accidentally drilled into a water supply line. This caused water damage to a portion of the upstairs and downstairs living areas. We were able to extract all excess water and dry the affected areas in just a few days. 

Water Damage Restoration in New Orleans, Louisiana

This is a photo of our Injecti-Dry system removing excess water from wood flooring. By salvaging their beautiful wood flooring we were able to save the homeowner and their insurance company a lot of money. 

Water Damage Restoration in Abita Springs Home

This is one of our technicians, Anne, extracting water from a home in Abita Springs. Overnight the homeowner's dishwasher malfunctioned and flooded most of the house. We worked to make it seem "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage Restoration in Madisonville, Louisiana

This is one of our technicians, Anne, extracting water on a yacht. The toilets backed up and flooded two stories on the boat over night. In less than a week we cleaned, dried and deodorized the yacht.